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Fortnite review.

Fortnite Review: The Biggest Battle Royale in the World

Fortnite originated in 2017 and became the biggest games in the world. While their original game didn’t catch on, the battle royale game mode became a hit »

Rocket League review.

Rocket League Review: Play Football With Cars

Control a car to push a ball inside the opponent’s goal and prevent the other team from scoring. It is immensely satisfying. Read our Rocket League review »

Puzzle games on Steam.

The Top 8 Puzzle Games on Steam

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Raft review

Raft Review: A Unique Oceanic Survival Game

Created by Redbeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games, Raft is an oceanic survival game that puts you in the middle of an ocean. Read our Raft review »

Puzzle Games on Playstation.

The Top 8 Puzzle Games on PlayStation

If you have a PlayStation and want to play some amazing puzzle games then you are in luck! Check out our list of eight amazing Playstation puzzle games »

Fall Guys review.

Fall Guys Review: The Ultimate Knockout Game

Fall Guys is a very different and unique style of battle royal game that holds the essence of a game show on various maps. Check out our Fall Guys review »