Rocket League Review: Play Football With Cars

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    Rocket League has been around for a good couple of years in the gaming world. And when it initially came out, it was one of the highest trending games on the market.

    And if three words can describe the game in short, then it would be “football with cars”. The entire gameplay is relatively simple yet surprisingly pleasing.

    So, without further ado, let us jump on the Rocket League gaming review and find out if you should download Rocket League this year.


    Rocket League’s Unique Gameplay

    The first impressive part of the Rocket League is its flawless gameplay. In today’s world, it is quite rare to find a game that works for everyone, as the game offers complex gameplay.

    And this is exactly where Rocket League has the edge.

    Every movement of the cars from sliding to jumping works perfectly as you would expect. And the great thing about a game that offers so many fast-paced movements is its glitch-free formula.

    In Rocket League, you have to control a car to push the ball inside the opponent’s goal and stop them from scoring. The gameplay is immensely satisfying. And every key in the game can be rebonded on the PC to offer the most convenient gameplay that suits you.


    The Competitive Scene in Rocket League

    Rocket League has been a successful game on the competitive scene when it first started its journey 5+ years ago. It was the “New eSports game” within the first 3 weeks of being released.

    But the game also offers causal gaming, where instead of grinding, you can just spend your fun time with friends and see who can come out victorious.

    But even today, the competitive scene of the Rocket League is on the rise.


    Same Gear Every Game

    The place where Rocket League shines is the dependency of the skill level of the player.

    Unlike many other games where you can unlock new gears and moves with grinding, Rocket League offers both elite veterans as well as newbies the same cars and the same movement to play with every game.

    That means you can not pay to win. The only way to get good is by developing your playstyle and spending hours learning the best course of action.

    The success of the game depends on your willingness to learn every little aspect of the game. And the only things you can earn by ranking up are tittles or visual gears that have nothing to do with the performance.


    Graphics and Visuals

    Last but not least comes the graphics of Rocket League. The game offers an arcade visual that does not require you to purchase a top the line PC to play.

    The graphics are vibrant, colourful, and smooth including cool animations. So, kudos to Psionics for making a game that set an example back when it was released and still holds its ground in the gaming industry today.

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