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Rayn is a gaming enthusiast based in Perth, Western Australia. Most of the time, Rayn plays and reviews games on PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, trialling the newest releases to provide honest and detailed opinions.

Latest Articles from Rayn

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit review.

Mario Kart Live – Home Circuit Review: Create The Ultimate Track

In October 2020, Nintendo released a new era of Mario Kart that turns your home into a racetrack with real-life karts. Read our Mario Kart Live review »

Borderlands 3 review gameplay.

Borderlands 3 Review: The Ultimate Looter-Shooter

Borderlands 3 is a first-person looter shooter taking place in a future time. With endless weapon combinations, it offers unique gameplay and customisation »

Overwatch review.

Overwatch Review: A 6v6 First-Person Shooter

In 2016, Blizzard released a brand-new game, Overwatch, that would end up winning the game of the year award in 2016 & is still thriving to this day. Read on »