Overwatch Review: A 6v6 First-Person Shooter

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    In 2016, Blizzard released a brand-new game that would end up winning the game of the year award in 2016 and is still thriving to this day.

    Overwatch started with only 21 playable characters and has grown with its character and player base extremely well over the past few years since it’s release. Read our Overwatch game review below.


    Overview and Hero Choices in Overwatch

    Overwatch is an objective-based 6v6 first-person shooter with 32 unique heroes to choose from at the time of writing. Whether you like playing extremely aggressively or if you like helping your team with healing – there is a character for you.

    There are three classes of heroes, each with unique abilities to help you secure the win. This includes support, tank and DPS (Damage Per Second), each with a unique playstyle and loadout.

    Supports usually play more defensive, helping their teammates survive by healing or resurrecting them. Tanks help protect the support players and claim objectives. While DPS heroes aim is to take out the enemy team.

    • Tank: Have high health and deal high damage, good for taking objectives.
    • Support: Good for defence and best when partnered with tanks.
    • DPS: Great for taking out the enemy team and claiming the objective.

    Just keep in mind that if waiting over 10 minutes just to play a single game is something you do not want to experience, we would recommend not playing DPS heroes.


    Overwatch Maps and Game Modes

    There are 21 maps, each with a unique and stunning design to play on. The maps are selected randomly when you play quick play or competitive.

    There are 3 main game modes to choose from: quick play, standard 6v6 with objectives or arcade. Each includes different types of games and sometimes even event themed games.

    There is also a mode called “game browser” for PC players, where you can create custom games for you and your friends to battle on.

    When playing ranked games, you will learn what it is like to overly stress about a video game, grow further apart from friends who are just not good enough at the game and regret all of your choices up to this moment… but at least, in the end, you get a golden gun to show off!


    Playing Overwatch with Friends

    Overwatch is a great game for making friends and having fun! Just so long as none of your friends selects your main character as only one person per team can play as any given hero.

    Overwatch can be great fun if you have played any first-person shooter before but even if you are just getting into gaming, you can have fun with friends as the skill level for quickplay starts quite low.

    You can play Overwatch casually with friends or more seriously. If you don’t have too many friends that play overwatch you could also try playing with randoms and maybe even make new friends to play with in the future.


    Ready for Overwatch 2?

    Even though overwatch came out in 2016, Blizzard has been giving the game constant updates and patches, seasonal events and new characters.

    And now that we are in 2021, Overwatch 2 is just around the corner with stunning new characters, character designs and map designs to look forward to.

    Maybe even a story mode to play through!

    There is a lot to look forward to in the new year and even though Overwatch 2 is coming, we would greatly recommend playing Overwatch until the release.

    Rayn is a gaming enthusiast based in Perth, Western Australia. Most of the time, Rayn plays and reviews games on PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, trialling the newest releases to provide honest and detailed opinions.

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