Borderlands 3 Review: The Ultimate Looter-Shooter

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    Jumping straight into Borderland 3 without ever playing Borderlands 1 or Borderlands 2, the game was very easy to pick up and endlessly enjoyable.

    Borderlands 3 is a first-person looter shooter that takes place in a time where many planets have been populated with people from the future, with many planets looking like they have experienced the aftermath of a nuclear war.

    Borderlands 3 has easily become one of our favourite games to review with its unique design, amusing character dialogue, stunning maps, great world-building, fun mechanics, challenging enemies and boss battles, unique vehicles, creatures…

    And most of all, its guns, lots and lots of guns.


    Borderlands 3 Character Selection

    You start by choosing one of the unique characters to play as. There are four characters to choose from:

    • Zane: A covert operative who deploys gadgets that help you to claim the battlefield through misdirection.
    • Amara: A siren warrior who uses her powers to pummel enemies into battle.
    • FL4K: A robotic beastmaster who uses his animal companions and their special skills to feed off of their enemies nightmares.
    • Moze: A soldier who uses her iron bear battle suit to shield herself as she guns down the enemies.


    Team Up with Responsive Level Scaling

    Borderlands 3 starts with you joining a group of vault hunters called the Crimson Raiders, where you search planets to find parts of a key to open the great vault which is said to have unimaginable loot locked inside.

    Borderlands 3 can be a fun game to play by yourself and take all of the loot for yourself, but it can also be played with friends online to win more loot and expand with your story mode or challenges faster.

    The game also has an inventive way to ensure that when battling with friends who are higher level than you, it is equally as challenging in the cooperation mode called level scaling.

    So, if you would want to play with a friend who is level 30 but you are only level 10, the enemies won’t be difficult for you. The game will automatically skill match the enemies to your level rather than the one with the higher level.

    This provides a game that even if your friends are higher level than you, you can still enjoy playing a balanced game with them.

    When playing in cooperation mode, loot is shared equally with every member of the team, so when you take out an enemy your entire team will have their own personalised loot.

    When playing coopetition mode, however, level scaling is turned off and the loot must be divided or taken by the first person to get there.


    Final Thoughts on Our Borderlands 3 Review

    Overall, with its great story, side missions that could easily be confused for the main story, humourous dialogue, great playable characters, stunning designs and an extreme arsenal of weapons, Borderlands 3 is a great game to play solo or with friends.

    If this is what to expect and more in Borderlands 4 when it is released, then sign us up!

    Rayn is a gaming enthusiast based in Perth, Western Australia. Most of the time, Rayn plays and reviews games on PC, PlayStation and Nintendo Switch, trialling the newest releases to provide honest and detailed opinions.

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