Raft Review: A Unique Oceanic Survival Game

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    For the last couple of years, quite a number of survival games have been released and each of them offered us various environments where your sole purpose is to – you guessed it – survive! Therefore, we can safely say that we are no strangers to these types of video games.

    Released in 2018, Raft has received around 75,000 positive reviews in steam despite being in the early access stage. So, we decided to dive into the game and provide you with a Raft game review so you can decide if this game is worth buying this year.


    Raft’s Unique Game Concept

    Created by Redbeet Interactive and published by Axolot Games, Raft is an oceanic survival game that puts you in the middle of an ocean.

    Your home is a small wooden raft, and your only friend is a rope with a pirate hook attached to it. Well, you do have the angry shark that’ll try to eat you every time you decide to dive into the sea but that doesn’t work in our favour, does it?

    The basic idea of the game is to collect valuable resources, food, and junk items using your hook and improve the quality of your raft as you keep on surviving. While resources are scarce out in the sea, you can definitely enjoy surviving in the midst of serenity that’s offered by the ocean and maybe even turn your raft into a miniature luxury wooden yacht!


    Raft Gameplay

    We’ve seen a lot of people comparing the game with Minecraft. Although there are some similarities between the two, they are completely different games.

    Yes, there are crafting and survival in Raft. However, the depth that Minecraft offers is on a completely different level.

    The mechanics of the game is quite simple yet vague. We say this because just like other survival games there is not a single instruction on what you could or should do to survive. You have to learn the ins and outs by trial and error method.

    You can collect resources floating on the water or you can dive into the sea and search the riffs as well (beware of the shark!). You learn how to harvest different types of fruits or learn how to cook so you can keep your thirst and hunger in check, and you can use various materials to improve the quality of your raft.

    If you get really lucky, you can sometimes stumble onto an island where you can find lots of valuable resources. Or if your luck is like ours, then you’ll only find a single watermelon on the whole island!


    Multiplayer Functionality

    One of the great things about Raft is its multiplayer feature.

    Usually, it’s tough to connect or play smoothly with your friends in an early access stage. However, our experience was quite satisfactory.

    In Raft, you can play up to 4 players co-op in a single game where you can all work together to build a finer raft, or who knows – you can turn it into a miniature floating town as well!


    Graphics and Art Style

    The art style and graphics of Raft can be described in one word: Colourful!

    Indeed, the game offers a vivid and colourful environment along with the serenity of the sea. Although, the game does not focus on details that much, you can easily play the game even with a dual-core CPU with an external 2GB graphics memory.

    So, you won’t need a $1000+ rig to run the game smoothly.


    To Finish Our Raft Review

    In terms of survival games, there are plenty of fishes in the sea. Except for Raft, which only has a shark that will never sleep until it has devoured you.

    Jokes apart, Raft offers a very unique survival experience where you can not only enjoy the thrill of surviving but also enjoy the beauty and calmness of the vast sea.

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