The Top 8 Puzzle Games on PlayStation

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    Puzzle games are fun to play and improve your problem-solving skills which is why they’re so popular. If you have a PlayStation and looking for some amazing puzzle games then you are in luck!

    We are here to save your time as we’ve put a top gaming list of some famous and high-ranked puzzle games available on Playstation below.


    1. The Witness

    The Witness puzzle game on Playstation.

    The Witness is one of the most popular games that can be played on PlayStation. It is hard to find a game that can beat The Witness. It became a sensation on YouTube and other social apps in 2016 when it came out. This game has amazing diverse puzzles and visuals.

    But, this is not the only reason for its’ popularity.

    The main reason is that The Witness places puzzles within another puzzle, within another puzzle and so on. This game is perfect for those who want to make their neurons work. The Witness is also available as a puzzle game on iOS devices.


    2. The Talos Principle

    The Talos Principle on Playstation.

    The Talos Principle is a philosophical puzzle game developed by Croteam. This game is undoubtedly the most extensive and accomplished title in this genre. This first-person puzzler game will show you the beautiful downfall of an ancient civilization.

    You have to collect “sigils” by solving many hard puzzles which will lead you towards the mysterious simulated worlds’ truth.

    This game is full of existential questions and references to the Bible. Also, it has over 120 puzzles. You will love this game more if you consider yourself a bit of a philosophy freak. Though The Talos Principle is somewhat of a weird game, it also is super fun. For players playing on a Nintendo, The Talos Principle is also available as a puzzle game on Nintendo Switch.


    3. Untitled Goose Game

    Untitled Goose Game on Playstation.

    Many people play Untitled Goose Game just for the humour factor. For them, calling this game a “puzzler” might be a bit of a stretch. But that is actually what it is because of the complicated nature of the titular goose’s prank.

    This game is developed by House House. It brings stealth genres and elements from the puzzle together and wraps them both in a sweet visual style which is kind of looks like a children’s book.

    However, the adorable and sweet part eventually ends when you find out about the feathered criminal. The criminal that you control is actually very cruel. It takes revenge as it goes around and ruin peoples day with zero regards and has no decency – which is extremely fun and rewarding. The Untitled Goose Game is also available to Steam users in the puzzle section of the store.


    4. Gorogoa

    Gorogoa puzzle game on Playstation.

    Gorogoa is a minimalist visual puzzler. It is developed by Jason Roberts.

    This game is one of the best but most overlooked games. The rules of this game are simple. A picture is split into many different tiles and interlude with each other in several interesting ways. It depends on you and how you arrange them.

    The pictures have different worlds. They change according to your unlocking and actions. Gorogoa is filled with “eureka” moments and amazing art which makes it very rewarding and interesting to play.


    5. The Turing Test

    The Turing Test on Playstation.

    To find out the intelligence in machines, mathematician Alan Turing created the famous test, The Turing Test. This test Draws your attention with some challenging puzzles. Also, the narrative mysteries tell you a compelling story.

    The storyline is about solving a crisis at a research centre near an International Space Agency. Engineer Ava Turing clears the tests that were left behind by a stranger. The story will give you a natural enigma that you look for in a game like this. The quality of consciousness gets skillfully sewn together into a game’s story.


    6. Thomas Was Alone

    Thomas Was Alone on Playstation.

    Thomas Was Alone is created by Mike Bithell. It is a minimalist puzzle game with a lot of witty humour. This humour is carried by the geometrically-shaped game characters.

    This game doesn’t let you chuckle here and there. Instead, it let you deal with the nature of life and the themes of AI or artificial intelligence. This game makes you wonder about existentialism, which we don’t know why became a trend for puzzle games.


    7. Fez

    Fez puzzle game on Playstation.

    The sequel of Fez was cancelled after Phil Fish, the developer, retired from the game development unit. But, it doesn’t matter that much as the original indie Fez itself is a masterpiece. The complex and challenging gameplay is one of the reasons why the game is so popular and loved by all.

    This game also has a great soundtrack and a beautiful pixel-art. You can swirl the three-dimensional environments. It will lead you to new platforms. Also, it will clear different puzzles even if your character stays in a two-dimensional plane.

    This game is kind of weird and you may end up frustrated. But, it worth giving a shot.


    8. Unravel Two

    Unravel Two Playstation.

    If you are bored at home and want to play something with your friend or your beloved one to keep you both busy and make your dull day into a great one, then Unravel Two is the best Playstation puzzle game for you.

    This game is full of beautiful and heart touching scenarios and you are bound to fall for it.

    You have to clear blockages creatively with your partner as it is a multiplayer game. It will require collaboration. However, don’t get worried about the toughness of this game. The puzzles are not too hard. So, you can enjoy the game and the beautiful scenario at the same time.


    All of the aforementioned Playstation puzzle games are top-notch and deserves a shot. We are sure you will find the right game for you if you are a puzzle lover.

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