The Top 8 Puzzle Games on Android or IOS

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    Nowadays, smartphones have become more popular because of their gaming capabilities. Gaming is one of the main reasons many people buy a new phone model as they provide smooth gameplay.

    In fact, there are many top-notch games for mobile with many low-price smartphones being unable to run them smoothly.

    Therefore, we prefer simple puzzle games which can be played easily and give you hours of enjoyment. Although there are many common puzzle games out there, some of them are pretty extraordinary – so check out our top game list below.


    1. The Room Series

    The Room mobile game.

    The Room is widely celebrated by people who love to solve a puzzle.

    It is developed by Fireproof Games. They have released four games in the series and each of them offers hours of challenging fun puzzles.

    They have classic adventure series such as, “Myst and Siberia”. You can easily spend many hours on this – so keep an eye on the time spent so you don’t let it get out of hand.

    The latest one in the series is called “The Room: Old Sins”. which you should check out. To be honest, the whole series is amazing and worth checking out if you are really into puzzle games. The Room is also available as a puzzle game on Nintendo Switch for people who prefer console gaming.


    2. Monument Valley

    Monument Valley on phone app.

    Monument Valley is another popular puzzle game with a compelling tale and eerie visuals. It also offers different kinds of 3D maps, which you’re required to conquer.

    This game transports you into an exotic world of block creatures, crows, and Escher-style landscapes.

    Monument Valley has been admired by many players and critics. It has earned acclamation such as the Apple Design Award 2014 and Apple’s Game of the Year 2014 – while still being an exceptional game today.


    3. Flow Free

    Flow free puzzle game.

    Flow Free is very popular in the mobile game puzzles category and can be super addictive.

    In this game, you have to connect two different but same colour dots by using pipes. You cannot leave any area uncovered. The entire board is covered with dots which makes it tricky.

    There are many ways to connect the pipes and you can connect them however you want. The difficulty of this game increases gradually.

    This game also contains a time trial. You can connect as many dots as possible as before. But, there will be a given time for you to complete each map. So, if you are ready for a challenge, check this fun-filled app out.


    4. Where’s My Water?

    Where's My Water? mobile app game.

    Where’s My Water? is made by Disney. Disney has made a similar name app before such as, “Where’s My Mickey?” and “Where’s My Perry?”. The main character of these games is Swampy, Allie, and Cranky.

    Both kids and adults find these characters very appealing.

    To win, you have to make sure the limited water reaches the main character. Make space by digging so that the water can pass through.

    You cannot dig like a maniac as the laws of gravity applies in this game. The level becomes tricky level by level.


    5. Candy Crush Saga

    Candy Crush Saga on mobile.

    This amazing game needs no explanations. It is “The Angry Bird” nowadays.

    It is beloved of all and played by people of all ages. Candy Crush Saga has parody videos, memes, and knock-offs too of its’ own, which shows how popular this game is.

    This game has been downloaded more than 100 million times. The original Candy Crush is still at the top. But it has added a lot of new features now, which are more enjoyable and exciting than before.


    6. Cut the Rope

    Cut The Rope mobile puzzle game.

    They say old is gold which is definitely true for Cut the Rope.

    Despite being an oldie, the popularity of this game is the same as before. Cut The Rope 1 had been released almost 10 years ago. Then, they launched Cut the Rope 2, which improves the old one by adding more obstacles, scenarios, challenges, and a colourful setting.

    But, the technique of playing the game is the same for both.

    You need to cut the rope intelligently and avoid the obstacles. You have to make sure that the candy reaches Om Nom. This is the main goal of this game. You will get limited time to fulfil the goal.


    7. Red’s Kingdom

    Red's Kingdom mobile app game.

    Red’s Kingdom is an adventure puzzle game that is perfectly crafted and has a huge depth. The story of this game is very goofy but heartwarming, which will surely grab your attention.

    This incredibly fun game never goes stale as it has many elements that will leave you surprised.

    Red’s Kingdom gives you the chance to explore the different types of areas. You have to search for alternate routes so that, you can find the hidden treasures quickly. The game is more like an adventure-action game, however, it actually is a puzzle game – so you can get a taste of both in one. Red’s Kingdom is also available in the puzzle games section of Steam.


    8. Shoot Bubble Deluxe

    It is said that “big things come in tiny packages”. Shoot Bubble Deluxe is the perfect example of this.

    This game is so addictive that it’s hard to stop playing.

    Shoot Bubble Deluxe is based on Tetris type gameplay. In the game, there will be a lot of bubbles at the bottom of the screen. Among them, there will be three or more than three bubbles of the same colour which will be grouped together. You have to shoot the same coloured grouped bubble.

    They will detach and fall by your shoot.

    You have to keep doing this as soon as possible so that, the bubbles cannot reach the floor. Otherwise, the game will be over. This game also has arcade mode. It is a great stressbuster game and is super addictive.


    Download These Android & IOS Mobile Puzzle Games Now

    These aforementioned games are very addictive and fun to play. Though there are many more puzzle games out there. But, if you are really into puzzle games, don’t forget to try them out. Happy gaming!

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