The Top 8 Puzzle Games on Steam

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    There is a favourite or ideal genre of games for every gamer out there in the world. People who are fond of challenges based on mystery, usually fall for the puzzle genre.

    Many of us think that puzzle games only involve riddles and numbers. But, that is not true at all. Many amazing puzzle games are far from numbers such as portal 2, The Room, Baba Is You and more.

    However, it is very hard to find good puzzle games where they are either adventure or shooter games. That is why we have compiled our top game list showcasing the best puzzle games on Steam which will keep you occupied for hours.


    1. Portal 2

    Portal 2 on Steam.

    People who have not played the Portal franchise yet must go for Portal 2 at least. The original one is an award-winning game. The sequel is arguably even better.

    Portal 2 brings people back into GLaDOS’s hand. This game is all about various series of complex puzzles. It requires high environmental awareness to win.

    The player has to traverse their environment with a portal gun while going through space and time, which will be in the shape of round portals.

    Portal 2 follows a fascinating sci-fi story. The story is centred around nefarious Al. This is a premium quality game that you must try if you are a puzzle lover.


    2. Antichamber

    Antichamber Puzzle Game on Steam.

    Antichamber will be definitely appreciated by those who like both weirdness and complexity.

    It leaves the player in a pliable world that is strange yet weird. There’s a gun to manipulate the environmental matter and the player has to act reciprocally with the environment to move forward.

    The fans appreciate this game because of it’s simple looking and dream-like, a massive environment that makes it unique. This real supreme experience makes it more unique. Yet, if you have sensitive eyes, you may find the colours a bit abrasive as they are strong.


    3. Glass Masquerade

    Glass Masquerade on Steam.

    Glass Masquerade is for those players who like to have a traditional puzzle experience.

    It will give you a classic jigsaw puzzle experience that is stunningly beautiful at the same time. The player has to fulfil the faces of an extensive kind of art-deco style clocks.

    By using peculiar pieces, this game provides for unique challenges. Solving some puzzles is quite difficult due to the complicacy of the clock countenance. Yet it is literally straightforward and perfect for those who really love old-fashioned and simple puzzle games. Glass Masquerade is also available as a puzzle game for Nintendo Switch.


    4. The Room

    The Room on Steam.

    In the world of the eerie game, The Room confers a well-planned game to resolve deceptive and tricky puzzles. By following a bunch of letters, the player runs into an abandoned house. There will be one task to open a box and you will find something surprising inside.

    Huge attention is needed to solve this puzzle.

    The player has to explore the surroundings to catch on to the trick. It’s quite atmospheric and unique in the gaming world. As the Room is a franchise, more content is going to come out than the initial one. The Room is also available as a puzzle game on mobile devices.


    5. Baba Is You

    Baba Is You puzzle game on Steam.

    Unlike most of the game, Baba Is You lets you decide the regimen of the universe at one time. Normally, most of the games show the rules and oblige you to follow them. But it’s different here. You have to think out of the box, deciding the aspects of the interaction among the environmental elements to step forward.

    The fact is, this retro-style game runs on almost every PC and is addictive indeed. This game is very challenging and you have to think hard and think irregularly to fulfil the puzzle. Those who love creativity will find interest in this game.


    6. Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes

    Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes.

    Oftentimes, the puzzle can be a lonesome experience. But, we can say from the title of Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes that, this game will not let that happen. This game will save you from being lonely as it forces people to work together with the other players in the co-op.

    The main goal of this game is to defuse a complex bomb with the help of other players. One player is designed to do the task, while others will guide him so that, he can succeed and defuse the bomb. One reminder, you cannot see the bomb so, it might be a bit tricky.

    It is one of the best team puzzle games on Steam. You can also find this puzzle game on Playstation.


    7. LYNE

    Lyne puzzle game.

    Only a few puzzle games are actually aesthetically pleasing and LYNE is one of them.

    This game has a simplistic and beautiful colour palette. Also, the look of this game is geometric. LYNE challenges the players mentally but the goal is to keep calm and enjoy.

    The rule of playing the game is very simple. You just have to connect the shapes, which looks very easy at first. But, the difficulty rises with the level. So, eventually, it requires out-of-the-box and creative thinking. The fun part is, you can unlock new colour palettes as you progress.


    8. The Talos Principle

    The Talos Principle on Playstation.

    The Talos Principle is a wondrous puzzle game. It apprises the player to a great android character. This character has been brought into a resonant world of old technology and ruins.

    The main goal of this game is to reveal the truth about humanity and themselves.

    This marvellous game is filled with puzzles to the brim. The player needs to control the drones, time, and laser beams. While playing the game, one must remember, each choice and action has specific consequences. It gives The Talos Principle an extra edge which keeps the players on their toes.


    These are some best puzzle games on steam that can turn your dull day into an exciting one. So, what are you waiting for? Download your favourite one and start enjoying it today.

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