Fall Guys Review: The Ultimate Knockout Game

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    Fall Guys is a very different and unique style of battle royal game that holds the essence of a game show on various maps.

    Battle royal is honestly a very new concept of the genre of game that has been around only a couple of years. Whenever we think of battle royals, we think about shooting a gun or other weapons to kill enemies and run from the circle to be the last one standing.

    And Fall Guys are here to break that trend by offering a new set of gameplay and visuals in the world of battle royal that is growing outside of its origin.

    With simple controls and extremely fun gameplay, this game offers a new level of gameplay on the multiplayer side of things. Read on for our detailed game review.


    Fall Guys Gameplay

    You have to play as one of the 60 contestants that looks like adorable jelly beans. The goal of Fall Guys is to push forward and finish as the first person to be crowned the winner of the game.

    Each game is made up of a handful of mini-games and knock out rounds. And after each game ends, a handful of contestants will get eliminated.

    The last one standing will be declared the winner.


    Team Games

    Do not be astonished when you see a team game in a battle royal. Because in some cases, fall guys offer just that and much more.

    In the team games, you may have to work with other players online and hold as much as balls you can inside your own teams’ basket. The game requires no communications at all, so you don’t have to worry about getting your headphones on for intense coordination.


    Control System

    The control system of fall guys is easy to understand and even easier to use. The control scheme is designed to make your characters do simple movements like jumping, diving, running, and grabbing.

    The approachable game mechanics and simple controls let any new player come to play Fall Guys and have tons of fun without any practice whatsoever.


    Game Stages

    The main attraction of the Fall Guys is its various stages and RNG rotations. Each stage of the game features different types of obstacle that makes each one of them unique and that much more fun to play.

    For example, the Whirligig is one of the longest tracks that you will have to complete in Fall Guys. The map is all about rotation, from fans and platforms.

    On the other hand, Door Dash is a much shorter obstacle path consists of multiple rows of doors that players have to go through.

    So, if you are looking for diversity, Fall Guys are the best royal to play at the moment.


    Final Thoughts on Fall Guys

    In the world of battle royal, there are plenty of options to choose from. But the gameplay and visuals of Fall Guys is something that is truly unmatched.

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