Game Reviews

Fall Guys review.

Fall Guys Review: The Ultimate Knockout Game

Fall Guys is a very different and unique style of battle royal game that holds the essence of a game show on various maps. Check out our Fall Guys review »

Escape From Tarkov review.

Escape from Tarkov Review: The Best Tactical Shooter Yet

Battlestate Games brought the ultimate tactical shooter ‘Escape From Tarkov’, where you face real-life movements, accurate gun recoils & real consequences »

Valorant review.

Valorant Review: 5v5 Tactical Shooter with Abilities

If you’ve ever played Counter-Strike (and loved playing it), then you’ll absolutely love Valorant. Check out our latest review on this shooter with a twist »

Among Us review.

Among Us Review: A Game of Teamwork and Betrayal

When the world was focused on COVID-19, a sudden spike in popularity was raised among us (pun intended) by an amazing indie game. Read our Among Us review »