Valorant Review: 5v5 Tactical Shooter with Abilities

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    Did you ever wonder how Counter-Strike would be if there were heroes – each possessing unique abilities of their own?

    Well, Riot games have come to our rescue making that a reality.

    Renowned for their ultimate team-based game League of Legends, Riot brought us an amazing tactical shooter containing the potential to be the next big thing. If you’ve ever played even a little Counter-Strike (and loved playing it), then you’ll absolutely love Valorant.

    Our Valorant review is here to let you know why that is. As we describe it, tactical shooting with a touch of creativity. Read our game review below.


    The Concept Behind Valorant

    As we’ve already stated before, Valorant is a 5v5 tactical shooter where you play with a hero. There are several agents to choose from, and each hero has unique characteristics of their own.

    Valorant offers a round-based shootout that is quite similar to that of CS. There are 4 beautifully designed maps where you can choose to play the match.

    There are two teams – attackers and defenders. Each team will take turns and try to take as many rounds as possible. The first team to win 13 rounds win the match.

    In each round, attackers carry the spike (the bomb) to one of the two/three sites, where the sole purpose is to plant the spike and hold the site until it explodes. The defender has just the opposite goal – defuse the spike before the time runs out. However, each team wins the round if all the members of the other team have been eliminated.


    Valorant Gameplay

    There are three modes that you can choose to play from. Deathmatch, Spike Rush, and competitive.

    Deathmatches and Spike Rushes take around 10-15 minutes to complete whereas competitive (or unranked) usually end in 30-40 minutes. However, with the overtime option, it can take much more.

    There are several ranges of handguns and main weapons to choose from. Each weapon has different fire rates as well as unique recoil patterns. You can play with SMGs, Assault Rifles, Shotguns, Sniper rifles, or even LMGs. While learning to use each type of weapon is tough, it’s very rewarding when you do learn to.


    The Agents of Valorant

    Just like many top-tier triple-A games these days, there are many agents with overwatch-styled abilities (easier to grasp). Each agent has a range of tactical abilities, passives, and even ultimate.

    Mastering the abilities, figuring out the ins and outs, and outsmarting the enemy agent is not only rewarding but highly satisfactory also.

    There are various agent types such as Duelist, Controller, Sentinel, Initiator, etc. Although each agent’s abilities can be offensive or defensive, all of them hold the same control over guns.



    Valorant wasn’t designed to be the most beautiful or detailed game, rather it was created in such a way that it’d run smoothly even on medium-range specs. That’s a huge plus given the fact that players often play tactical shooters on 120/240hz displays.

    However, the Fortnite looking graphics on a tactical shooter seems a bit inappropriate in our opinion.


    The Conclusion to Our Valorant Review

    Timely tactical decisions with fast-paced gameplay and the proper implementation of an agent’s abilities will make this game much more enjoyable to you. To sum it, if you’re looking to play a game similar to Counter-Strike mechanics with amazing abilities, Valorant is definitely the game for you.

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