Among Us Review: A Game of Teamwork and Betrayal

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    One of the best games that became a cult-classic for the people of the world is Among Us.

    When the world was suffering and surviving barely amid covid-19, a sudden spike in popularity was raised among us (pun intended) by an amazing indie multiplayer game developed by Inner Sloth way back in 2018.

    After seeing all the hype, we decided to try the game as well.

    Needless to say, we loved it. Therefore, we decided to write a short yet informative Among Us review so you can jump on the bandwagon as well. Read our gaming review below.


    The Main Concept of Among Us

    Among Us is a game where the better you can lie or deceit other players, the more you’ll win.

    The idea of the game is pretty simple and it can be played by people of all ages. From 10-year-olds to 40+, almost everyone has been playing and thoroughly enjoying the game.

    The game can be played over local wifi or using the internet. There are 4-10 players in a spaceship or small planet that has a cartoonish design.

    All of the players are inside a very playfully designed spaceship sharing a common progress bar. The progress bar fills up bit by bit when one of the players completes a task. The tasks are like minigames and very fun to complete.

    However, not all of them are crewmates.

    There are 1-3 imposters hidden inside – posing as crewmates with the sole purpose of killing the members and not getting caught. When the ratio of imposters and crewmates become equal, the imposter wins.

    For the crews to win, the task progress bar must be fulfilled before the imposters kill. Or, if you can figure out who the imposters are beforehand and kick them out, that works as well.


    Platforms Available to Among Us Players

    One of the best things about Among Us is its accessibility.

    You can play the game on almost all the platforms out there. The game is available on the play store, app store, steam, and even on Nintendo Switch as well.

    The mobile version of the game can be downloaded without paying a single dime (you’ll have to see ads after every match though), and even the steam price is very reasonable as well.


    Art Style & Gameplay

    The art style of Among Us is probably one of the main reasons why this game was loved by all. It has a very subtle indie style and the dubious crewmates dashing around the map trying to complete tasks, fixing the sabotages done by the imposter has a very satisfying feel to it.

    As for the mechanics, there are 3 maps to choose from.

    In each map, there are designated task points where you have to go and complete the task. As we’ve mentioned before, this fills up the progress bar.

    When you’re an imposter, you can either go to task points and just stand there – make people believe that you’re doing something.

    You can sabotage the lights, oxygen, or the reactor and put people in a panic mode. And while they’re trying to fix the problem, you can take your chance and poof one of them.

    Also, an imposter can use vents to move around the map which comes in pretty handy as well.

    As for the crewmates, you can catch an imposter in an act and call an emergency meeting, or just report a dead body, then after a certain period of discussion, you can vote and kick out a suspicious one. Or if you’re unsure, you can skip votes and the game will start again.

    Repeat the scenario until one of the teams win!


    Final Words on Our Among Us Review

    The delightful art, accessibility, and communication between all the players make Among Us worthy of the spotlight it’s currently on. From friends to families, playing among us all together in the same room discussing and kicking out the wrong player from the spaceship, and everything else combinedly make this game a wholesome one.

    If you have a smartphone, you should definitely give it a try!

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