The Top 7 Puzzle Games on Nintendo Switch

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    Nintendo switch is at this moment one of the most popular consoles on the market. The ability to play console games while being on the go, makes the Nintendo switch stand out from the rest of its competitors.

    And what better way to celebrate this revolutionary Console than playing the most intense and visually puzzle games.

    Puzzle games are some of the most challenging games out there. While presented with logic-based challenges and visual obstacles, it sets us in a ‘go’ position for a great hour or two of exciting gameplay. And with the portability, highly functional touch screen, and joy-cons, the Nintendo switch elevates the pleasure of playing puzzle games to a whole new level.

    So, today we will be talking about our top list of puzzle games on the Nintendo Switch that are guaranteed to bust your brains and offer sensational gameplay.


    1. Death Squared

    Death Squared on Nintendo Switch.

    Number one in our list is a very intuitive and visually pleasing puzzle game called Death Squared.

    This game shines in its cooperative gameplay and amazing visuals. The great thing about this game is you can play it with friends and have an amazing time together.

    If you are someone who likes to play games all on your own, then this will not be your game. But if you have a friend with whom you can communicate, this is by far the most pleasing puzzle game on the list.

    The game starts easy and later on can get extremely difficult. Make sure to get along with your partner, because there will be a series of ridiculous deaths if you don’t – and plenty of them. Death Squared is also available on steam if you’re looking for puzzle games available on Steam and PC.


    2. She Remembered Caterpillars

    She Remembered Caterpillars on Nintendo Switch.

    She Remembered Caterpillars is a beautiful colour-based puzzle game.

    In this game, you will have to take this unique looking creature named Gammies. Each of the Gammies has its own unique colour and needs your help to reach their destination landscape.

    To reach this landscape, you will have to solve the obstacle and the same coloured bridges. The bridges will stop you from going if they are not matched in colour. So, you will either have to paint yourself or infuse without different coloured gammies to make the most of the bridges.

    The game offers great aesthetics and an interesting story making it one of the must-play puzzle games on Nintendo switch.


    3. The Turing Test

    The Turing Test on Nintendo Switch.

    Next comes in the list is a 3D first-person puzzle game named The Turing Test. If you ever played the famous game name portal, you will instantly notice the similarities between these two games.

    The game offers very interesting mechanics in its gameplay.

    In The Turing Test, you will play a character called Eva. Your goal of the game is to find out what happened to your crew. And to do this, you will have to solve puzzles and navigate through one room to another in a spaceship.

    From transporting various energy sources from one energy outlet to another, this game will keep you occupied for hours. For people seeking puzzle games on Playstation, The Turing Test is also available on the Playstation store.


    4. Puyo Puyo Tetris

    Puyo Puyo Tetris on Nintendo Switch.

    Tetris is arguably one of the most popular gaming franchises in the whole world. And collaborating with the famous Puyo Puyo, they have come up with a game named Puyo Puyo Tetris.

    Tetris was a game that had only one goal for the player. Do not let anything reach the top.

    Even though it might be a pleasure to play for a while, it easily gets boring and dull. So, Puyo Puyo Tetris is here to offer a breath of fresh air into the world of puzzle games.


    5. Boxboy + Boxgirl

    Boxboy + Boxgirl on Nintendo Switch.

    Boxboy + Boxgirl is one of the cutest games on this lineup. The game visuals are simple and very pleasing animation.

    In Boxboy + Boxgirl, you will have the ability to create various boxes. The creation of boxes allows you to solve multiple puzzles with them. You have to utilize the puzzles to jump into a higher position and across gaps or getting around any hazard.

    The game also offers a cooperative mode to let you enjoy the game with a friend.


    6. Machinarium

    Machinarium on Nintendo Switch.

    Machinarium is arguably the best logic-based puzzle with a unique and unmatched design. The game offers a lot of variety with the puzzles as well, you are never expected to face the same dull obstacle twice.

    The game gets extremely difficult without any dialogue whatsoever. And this makes this one of the most favourite games to bust your brains and test your wit.

    Machinarium also has the most beautiful world in all kinds of video games. If you are a fan of the steampunk art style, the game will instantly resonate with you. For mobile users, Machinarium is also available as a puzzle game on mobile app stores.


    7. Captain Toad

    Captain Toad on Nintendo Switch

    Captain Toad is the most refined game on this list. This is a game developed by Nintendo themselves.

    Instead of playing the well-known games from the Mario franchise, you get a chance to play something just as pleasing with refreshing gameplay. Instead of jumping, you utilize the world around you to uncover unseen places and locations.

    You also have to solve various puzzles to navigate and find hidden treasures.

    This game offers the best level of design. Even though the game is not as challenging as the rest of the games on this list, but from a standpoint of gameplay, it will provide an absolute blast.


    Enjoy The Best Puzzle Games on Nintendo Switch

    So, this ends our list for the Top 7 puzzle games on the Nintendo switch. All of the games are chosen for their unique gameplay and offer a variety of puzzles to test your wit. The games will push your brains to the limit with exciting puzzles, interactive visuals, and mind-boggling gameplay.

    Time to pick up your Nintendo Switch and start gaming.

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